Sunday, 27 January 2013

Poppy's Polka Dot Picnic

It sure has been a while, about 6 months I reckon.
Sometimes in life, we all just need " A little time ", so I took some.
To grieve, reflect and process everything that has happened.
I'm hoping I'm moving forward, some days I slip a little, but I try to remain positive and keep smiling for my kids.
I haven't baked much since my mum left us, let alone create parties.
Sadly my heart has just not been in it for the past 11 month. All our favorite Holidays passed us by, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, I refuse to do anything, it was just too painful without her.

Recently though, a lovely lady contacted me and asked me to do an " UP " ( yes, as in the Disney movie) themed dessert table for her wedding in May. I was so excited, it sparked something inside me, and I started to feel that maybe it was time to get creative again.

So today, I thought I would share Poppy's Polka dot Picnic Party with you.
This party is not from this year, but last, it was when she turned 5.
I had asked her what she wanted for her party and she kept insisting on a Picnic.
Sadly Picnics in January don't go down to well, so we decide to do an indoor type picnic thing.

Poppy loves Polka Dots and Strawberries, so I knew we had to incorporate those into the design.
Her favorite colours other than Pink are Light blue and Red.
So this is what I created, hope you like it.

This was a lovely day, filled with lovely people, memories to be treasured forever <3